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This was our first and last package holiday of the year, shelling out over £ 1000 for the package - the most we've ever paid for a week for 2. Mykonos is a more expensive Greek island than the others and our hotel (Vencia Boutique) was a jewel of accommodation with no faults other than no wifi for 2 days. Staff were helpful and friendly. The swimming pool (an infinity style pool) was awesome, although not large. Awesome sunbeds and loungers were like none we had seen before and availability was good, although this was the last week in the season. The weather acually got better as the week went on, with a few clouds on day 1 then sun for the rest of the week. Getting lost in Mykonos town is par for the course, the myriads of tiny, narrow streets designed to defeat the wind and pirates will also defeat the smartest of tourists.

Lots of beaches dotted around the island were easily access by public bus for just couple of euros, we visited four and all were idyllic. Super Paradise is probably the most popular and although not so big demanded a high price for two beds, parasol and towels at 30euros! That's why the area is so chic, you need more then the average holiday spending money to survive well although there is beach space available for sun worshippers who don't need beds.

We went to Agios Ioannis beach where Shirley Valentine was filmed although developments since had probably all but obliterated the restaurant used in the movie. On the way there we accidentally got off the bus at Ornos Bay beach, another beautiful location. Our last beach, Platios Gialos, was arguably the most popular as it was huge with a lot of restaurants. It also offered watersports. The sun disappears behind the mountains though about a half hour before Mykonos town so you don't get the magical sunset. Talking of sunsets the place to be to experience a strange phenomena is just about Little Venice. The crowds of tourists flocking to this area to take millions of photos and videos has to be seen to be believed. There are other sites to experience the sunset but the attendance here was quite strange.

At least 3 cruise ships a day dock at Mykonos, this ensures plenty of rich japanese, american and other tourists to populate the maze of streets and also keep the shop prices high. So many boutique shops with top designer and other goods are not for the regular visitor stopping only for a week or so.

Would we come back? Probably not although we recommend it as a holiday. We have seen many of the Greek islands and they all have charm so there are many more still to explore.

As we leave the island the cruise liner Island Princess had docked for the day, a ship we once holidayed on the other side of the world - these cruise ships get around!