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top bar VivaPolis First holiday of the year was in early September to Cyprus. A late booking via Co-op Travelcare allowed us to take a week in Polis, a rather quaint and quiet village about 1 hour north of Paphos. Grid Ref: 34.42.23 - 32.29.23.
Tombs of the Kings - Paphos Day trips made by car or scooter were made to Lemassos, Paphos, Pornos Point, Latsi and the Baths of Aphrodite. Not a bad week for £179 each. The flight was by Air Atlanta, a 747 (our first flight in a Jumbo), which was reasonably comfy but the in-flight meals appeared to be in used containers!
600 year old Olive tree - Polis

Big Nick - manager and DJ of VivaPolis