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Leisure Activities



skhotelpounta.jpg - 31kb First holiday of the year was simply a week break but at the end of July a reasonably-priced (£250 each) holiday to Skiathos, with Thomas Cook via Going Places, presented itself.
skbeach1.jpg - 20kb Skiathos is a very small island, so small that the airport has one of the shortest commercial runways in the world - an aeroplane cannot even take off with a full load of fuel, having to make a re-fuelling stop on the Greece mainland on the way home.
skbeach2.jpg - 20kb A scooter was hired to see the island and we used it for 6 days. Beaches are beautiful and there are many of them, with the Banana beach looking the most popular at the west end of the island. We stayed near Skiathos town (30minute walk) which, despite an area along the seafront having the lager lout clubs (sufficiently isolated from the main town), had some of the quaintest streets Ginny and I have seen. The town is most likely the main tourist centre of the island and rightly so.
skbeach3.jpg - 23kb There is so much about Skiathos alsewhere on the web that there is no point us writing any more about the island. It's already been said. In any event a visit is worthwhile.

The Solent

Barry's 50th birthday culminated in a weekend(15-17th August) on a sailing yacht from Gosport. Time Charter Sailing is run by Graham and is an excellent way for anyone to experience sailing proper.
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In October, a trip with the Tamworth Athletics Club to the ING marathon, meant a relaxing weekend with an evening in Brugges and 2 nights in the Dutch capital.  Look forward to going back - fantastic.
Church at Brugges
one of the many great drinking places

Other happenings

During the year, Richard has change jobs, moving from one computer services to another.

Rob is about to quit his job at the Leisure Centre in order to give full-time commitment to his job as Special Needs Teacher. He also continues to do gigs in local pubs and clubs.

Ginny's job at the waste collectors, Serviceteam continues to keep her very busy serving the local authority. Major changes to the waste collection system are taking place in the new year as Government legislation forces environmental and recycling commitments.

Barry passed his 50th birthday with a surprise party laid on by Ginny. Over 200 guests waited at the party venue waiting for Barry to turn up to do a wedding disco when it was really his party!!

In May Barry's studies with the Open University resulted in a Bachelor Of Science degree being awarded.

Barry also continued his flying tuition throughout the year culminating with a high number of flying hours during November and December which left him poised for his GFT (General Flying Test) - the last obstacle to a National Private Pilots Licence (Microlight).