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Tamworth Football Club Social Club

After leaving Rebeccas and getting a respectable day job, one of my first DJ residencies was Sunday night at the Tamworth FC Social Club. The contact was made via Guy (can't remember his last name but he was related to the Fretwells) from Bolehall who introduced me to Pete Barry (Barry Smith) the resident DJ. Barry offered me Sunday nights which I was glad to accept - didn't need any gear either because Barry had a great, custom-made Thorneycroft system which was semi-permanently in situ. The legendary top Tamworth soul DJ Delroy James with his amazing collection of soul vinyl also worked there.

Speakers were suspended from the ceiling, along with tubed spotlights controlled by a sound-to-light unit; this light unit used diodes to control the output which only gave half-wave output resulting in spots that were never very bright - but in those days Thorneycroft electronic light controllers were in their infancy, it would be a couple of years before Thorney' switched to triacs.

The suspended speakers were a bastard to get into position with Ian Goodwin (top roadie) and myself having to stand on a table, itself on top of 2 tables, just to reach the suspension cables. I recall at least one instance where we lost it and the speaker came crashing to the floor.

The club stewards changed a few times during the few years I worked there; Chris Smith, Len Gendle (also a Tamworth FC director), Sammy and Anne Joseph, Alan and Chris Jeffcote, Keith Smith, Bob Simons - to name a few. I also played in the darts team for a short while as - although not a football fan - I was a regular member of the club. Sunday lunchtime back then was never complete without the card school(Nap) consisting of Ian Goodwin, Les Taft, Bob Simons and myself as the regular players. (circa. 1976)

The wooden building was a popular venue for parties and the like, as well as the discos 2 or 3 nights per week. Being a FC supporters club there was a strong membership back in the mid-to-late 70s. The building was rectangular in shape with a pitched roof. At one end of the rectangle was the bar, with the toilets being at the other. The usual club-style tables and chairs were regimentally lined up along each of the long sides of the rectangle.

There were two entrances, near the toilets end and also near the bar. I recall the bar entrance being used most.

The club was finally abandoned and knocked down to make way for the 'egg' ring-road but was utilised right to the end of its life. I performed there many, many times, often as a double disco event with DJ Nij (electric shock) Redfern.