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c New Year 2015 at the Pro Club However you found your way here, welcome to the web site of DJ Barry John - a DJ who began to establish his reputation in Tamworth back in 1970. Barry gigged his "DJ apprenticeship" in the nightclubs of Birmingham between '71 and '74 and has continued to entertain throughout the years. Although based in Tamworth, Barry's mobile disco and karaoke will travel anywhere within reason.

One of the popular pages on this site is that of the Karaoke performers, whose singing talents can be heard on the recordings page.

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VinylIt's back! The Disco world turning full circle as the turntable and 45rpm vinyl returns to popularity. Barry's decks are pictured - Technics SL1210 and A & H mixer. Ideal for the occasional vinyl night when requested.

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Any opinions expressed on this web site are those of Barry alone and do not reflect entertainers' opinions in general - as far as he knows!